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Do You Need A Collaborator, or a Schemer?

Do You Need A Collaborator, or a Schemer?

David Seah writes probably one of my favorite articles in a while, the difference between Collaboration and Scheming.

Being a Schemer at heart, it’s nice to read an objective comparison between the two and what the difference boils down to. According to Seah, it’s an ’emotional vs rational duality’.

So what does one expect from a good “co-schemer”?

  • A co-schemer buys into your idea completely, because it’s their idea too.
  • A co-schemer is passionate about “the cause”.
  • A co-schemer is a natural catalyst to other co-schemers, generating energy
  • A co-schemer has your back when things go all pear-shaped.

By comparison, a good collaborator focuses on slightly different things:

  • A collaborator contributes their piece to a whole
  • A collaborator is passionate about collaborating with people
  • A collaborator keeps a project going by adding their piece
  • A collaborator focuses his attention on the project

Where I see this coming into play is when you’re looking for a partner to get a project off the ground. Early on, you are probably looking for a schemer. Someone who will generate the kind of energy needed in the beginning. They are passionate about the idea and creating their own.

As things develop, then you are looking for collaborators. Those who recognize the value in the project and want to develop it.

Scheming vs Collaborating – [DavidSeah]

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