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Dealing With Meeting Villains

Meeting villains may not be a common term, but it’s a phrase we can immediately understand and a problem we’ve all dealt with at one point or another. Don’t these evil meeting villains waster your time and ruin what could otherwise be a productive meeting, learn about each variety of meeting villain and fight back with the useful suggestions in this infographic by Less Meeting.

So who are these meeting villains? Let’s meet them all:

  • The Meeting Hog -The guy who never stops talking during a meeting, even if he has no point.
  • The Meet-Head -The person who loves meetings to the point where they want to schedule meetings to discuss meetings
  • Mr. Late Arriver -The person who thinks he’s more important than everyone else and can, therefore, show up when he feels like it
  • The Meeting Hijacker -The person with the ability to turn any meeting into a meeting about his project or goal
  • Ms. Agenda-Less -The person who schedules a meeting with no agenda or objective so nothing actually gets done

meeting villains

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