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Beginning Today, You Can Tremendously Improve Your Career... If You Consider This Study

This infographic by University of Maryland and Robert H. Smith School of Business explores why EI weighs heavily on hiring managers’ decisions pertaining to hiring, recently.

Why is Emotional Intelligence so important in your career progression, anyway? It’s of utmost significance, because people who have higher EI have higher chances of getting hired and of getting promoted. Gone are the days when IQ dominated the determining factors in the hiring process. Now, EI rules.

Why is this, you may ask? Studies have proven that individuals who have high EI can handle pressure better than those whose EI scores are low. Also, they tend to have better working relationships with colleagues. And that’s an obvious advantage, right? Another reason is–people who have high EI become more effective leaders because they can lead by example. Recent studies have confirmed this fact.

Likewise, EI is believed to be responsible for over 58 percent of variations concerning career and personal success factors. With this critical information alone, you can clearly see why, today, hiring managers are increasingly putting more emphasis on EI rather than IQ when making decisions on hiring.


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