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Are Temporary Pleasures Preventing Your Long-Term Goals?

Are Temporary Pleasures Preventing Your Long-Term Goals?

The easiest thing to do is get stuck in immediate gratifications; those little things that you keep doing but are inevitably preventing you from getting down to something more important.

Not only those time-wasting activities or instant pleasures, but also the smaller projects that may make you money but actually hold back more profitable jobs. Are you living paycheck to paycheck, or building your dreams?

There is an initial push that needs to be made to achieve anything like this. As John Wesley suggests in this article, sacrifices must be made.

From this point forward I’ll be making a concerted effort to delay gratification and work towards longterm goals. It will be less comfortable, but knowing that I’m doing everything I can to succeed will easily outweigh the sacrifice.

Can you sacrifice temporary pleasure for longterm goals? – [PickTheBrain]

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