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6 Reasons Failures Don't Set Goals

6 Reasons Failures Don’t Set Goals

I harshened up the title a little, but it’s warranted. One of the most prevalent truisms I’ve heard about success is you must set goals [And just a goal of ‘success’ doesn’t really cut it].

The sixth reason why people do not set goals is they lack the inner desire to want something greater then what they currently have.

For them, the ordinary or even sub-ordinary is sufficient. These people do not believe they can reach or deserve success because society has conditioned them into thinking they are ordinary people and therefore must do ordinary things. It can also be caused by failure, criticism, and other reasons as to why people do not set goals.

This final reason is closely linked to laziness. Although you may have a complete understanding of how important goal setting is and how it could improve your life and successes, that desire to act on that understanding may just not be there. And that’s what laziness is.

6 Dangerous Reasons People Do Not Set Goals and Never Succeed – [CultivateGreatness]

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