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3 of the Most Common Time Wasters At Work

Do you often hit the office, work all day and then head home wondering why you didn’t get as far along on your project as you should have? Well, you might be engaging in these three common time wasters at work without even knowing it.

Chatting with your co-workers at your desk or when you get up to grab a drink may seem like an innocent enough activity, but it is actually #1 of all time wasters at work, accounting for 14% of all total wasted time.

While taking periodic breaks can increase your productivity, spending hours on social networking and online gaming sites is one of the biggest time wasters at work. In fact, the average employee spends about one and a half hours on social networking sites every week.

Finally, spending time in useless or drawn out meetings ranks second among time wasters at work. 96% of people admit to skipping meetings and when they do show up 91% of people day dream during meetings. While meetings can be useful, remember to fight meeting villains to keep them moving along quickly so they do not become a waste of time.

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