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15 Things You Can Do Right Now To Help Your Career

As the Simple Dollar Explains, most career advice is geared toward “big picture” thinking. The problem with this advice is that it tends to be so long-term that it is difficult to find the motivation to start helping your career now. The Simple Dollar gives 15 tips on how to give your a career a boost starting today:

Most career advice you receive focuses on the big picture: how to get ahead, how to “win,” and such things that are on a much larger scale than the daily grind that most of us face. In fact, it is that day to day grind that pulls down many of us – we go to work, come home exhausted, and often feel as though we’re just spinning our wheels.

Prepare some comments in advance for your next meeting
Got a meeting later? Instead of dreading it, look at it as an opportunity to shine. Look at what the meeting agenda is and prepare some notes and thoughts that you can present during them. If you’re going to sit through someone’s presentation, find out what it’s going to be about and do some preparatory legwork in advance so you can ask a few astute questions.

Work on your public speaking skills
This seems like it would be difficult to do right now, but it’s not. Merely listen to the work of great public speakers on the internet, burn yourself a CD or two of speeches that really inspire you, then play them in your car on the way home and practice speaking along with them. You’ll learn a great deal about how to enunciate words to get your points across and influence others.

Head over to the Simple Dollar to get the scoop on the other 13 tips. Do you have any advice not mentioned by the Simple Dollar? Please let us know in the comments.

15 Things You Can Do Right Now To Help Your Career – [the Simple Dollar]

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