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10 Tips For A Happier Workday

10 Tips For A Happier Workday

If work’s getting you down, or you just can’t handle Mondays, the ‘hump day’ or waiting for for the weekend to start on Friday, try Brad Isaac’s 10 ways to a happy workday.

10. Be slow to react to other people’s “urgent” requests. When someone else asks you for help, to do a project or to meet some other urgent need, practice saying “what’s your deadline on this? or when do you need this done?” Then schedule that day. Most people when asked one of those questions realize it’s not as urgent and will set a future date. That way, you can go back to working on one of your top 3 activities.

Have you’re own tips to get through the day?

10 Ways to Have a Happy Workday – [AchieveIT]

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