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10 Things You Should NOT Put On Your CV



A good CV can be the difference between getting your dream job and losing out before you even get an interview. There are hundreds of confusing and conflicting tips out there that are supposedly the correct way to present yourself on your CV, so Career Savvy have collected the ten things not to put on your CV:

1. DO NOT get personal.

It is not necessary for you to include your political opinions, religion or a photo in your CV.

2. DO NOT let typos slip by.

50% of CVs received by recruitment consultants contain spelling or grammatical errors, be sure to put yourself in the other half.

3. DO NOT add irrelevant information.

An employer is simply looking to see if you are satisfactory for the role you are applying for, so include only relevant work experience and details.

4. DO NOT show off hobbies.

Unless your quirky hobby relates to the job role you are applying for, it is unnecessary to include it in your CV.

5. DO NOT be negative.

Make sure not to bad mouth previous employers and try to exclude negative or aggressive language.

6. DO NOT get ahead of yourself.

References will be requested based off of the quality of your CV, remove information about references and you will have more space to include your relevant skills.

7. DO NOT lie.

96% of employers have admitted they conduct background searches, so even though you shouldn’t lie at all it’s likely your employers will find out if you have.

8. DO NOT overload on information.

You do not need anymore than two sheets of A4 paper for your CV.

9. DO NOT go overboard creatively.

Keep your CV professional! Don’t go using bright blue comic sans or clip art!

10. DO NOT use too much jargon.

54% of employers say they are regularly irritated by repetitive and cliche jargon in CV’s.

Ten things not to put on your CV | Career Savvy

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