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10 Sleek Resume Designs to Set You Apart

The content of your resume is what matters most, of course. However, just like a sharp outfit makes a positive impression during an interview, a bit of simple, professional design accentuates you resume. There’s no need to get too elaborate, especially if you’re not applying for a graphic design or other art-related job position, but a clean, distinctive style sets your resume apart and leaves an impression.

Here is a quick list with 10 examples of stylish yet simple resume templates from various design websites. Some are free, and none on this list cost more than $15, but great-looking templates can be found for a range of prices. Note that some of these templates require Adobe Photoshop to open, so if you do not have that program make sure to check if there’s a Word doc version before downloading or purchasing. Explore sites such as Etsy, Behance, Creative Market, and ResumeWay for more cool resume designs.

By Anam Ahmed on Behance, Free

By Shay Matthews on Creative Market, $6


By Jonny Evans on Behance, Free

By Fernando Báez on Behance, Free

By Amir Vhora on Creative Market, $6

By ResumeWay, $7.95

By Derek Gaughan on Etsy, $12

By Devon Dabbs on Etsy, $15

By DesignTRIBE on Creative Works, $5


By Arsalan Hanif on Graphic River, $6

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