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10 Habits to Reduce the Stress in Your Daily Life

Written by Jill Harness
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Everyone has stress in their life, but it’s always a good idea to minimize it so we can feel relaxed and enjoy more of our time. While there are a number of ways to cope with stress while it happens, The Positivity Blog has a number of great suggestions on building daily habits that will reduce common daily stresses.

While you’ll need to visit the link in order to learn how to use each of these suggestions to minimize stress, the ten habits suggested in the article are:

  • One thing at a time.
  • Just write it all down.
  • Don’t guess. Ask.
  • Keep everything in its place.
  • Set clear daily time limits for your work.
  • Be 10 minutes early for meetings.
  • Do email checking, etc. as late in the day as possible.
  • Pack before you go to bed.
  • Aim to keep it very simple instead of creating drama or mountains out of molehills.
  • When overcome with stress, just breathe.

Personally, I find packing before bed to be a huge help no matter what I’m doing, whether it means getting a lunch ready, or putting my camera bag out and stocking it with extra batteries.

Original Source – Less Daily Stress: 10 Small Habits That Will Help You [Positivityblog]

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