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Which Online GTD App Is Right For You?

Which Online GTD App Is Right For You?

GTD is supposed to organize and make things easier in your life. Over the last few years of growing GTD-hype many things have been established.

Most importantly, you can’t have a GTD system that takes up more time than the projects and tasks themselves. However, you have to find the right system for yourself.

This is easy when we’re talking about physical and ‘lo-tech’ GTD systems because they are easy to customize on-the-go. The same thing is a little harder if you want an online GTD system because they are much more set-up on their own.

So before launching into the latest and greatest GTD web apps, have a look at what everyone else is saying. Most options work well for a lot of people. Making yourself familiar with what each app does before actually going ahead and using it may save you a lot of time and hassle.

Here’s what a few people have had to say on many common GTD web apps:

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The most important question I think you need to ask yourself before getting into the GTD web app field is whether or not you actually need an online GTD system. Why does it have to be online?

There are clear advantages to keeping things online, but will a text file or email account suffice? Something that you already use everyday and doesn’t require another learning curve?

Is a notebook in your pocket or whiteboard on the wall good enough?

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