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What's Happening Every Second on the Internet

Content is being created, uploaded, and shared at warp speed.

This fact has been made oh-so clear by the website, Every Second on the Internet. The sleek and clean design of Every Second (as I’m calling it) catalogs the enormous amount of content being uploaded and shared by way of a scrolling display.

tumblr posts

It’s an infographic of sorts, but its graphics are not fixed; they increase in proportion to the amount of time you spend on the site.

Sure, they could come out and tell us that one million Dropbox files have been uploaded in the past 90 seconds. Or, you could scroll through the list of Dropbox icons that continue to take over the screen with every passing second.

For example, 2 million more Dropbox files have been created since I wrote that last sentence.

Every Second makes the data feel real. Our minds can’t possibly conceptualize the 25 million Facebook likes that have piled up in 475 seconds I’ve spend on the Internet. But, six minutes of scrolling through Instagram uploads hammers the volume of activity home.

And, if you’re impressed now, wait until you get to emails.

Try it here: Every Second on the Internet

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