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What Makes A Good Blog Post

What Makes A Good Blog Post

We’ve mentioned quite a few ideas on how to write a good blog post and maintain a readable blog. It’s not the most apparent information to new bloggers, particularly when it comes to writing styles.

Generally you can lead off the blogs you read and take inspiration from, but if you are looking for some idea to what works when writing blog posts, this list is a good start.

  • 1. Your readers have a set of expectations before they even start reading your post based on its title. If you add in other goals, you’re effectively asking readers to change their expectations, making them feel vaguely uncomfortable without knowing why.
  • 2. It’s almost always the focused posts that search engines and other bloggers will send visitors to. They’re more likely to see focused posts as valuable resources on a specific topic, so don’t muddy the waters by adding unrelated (or even loosely-related) info.
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