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Use PIPE to Send Huge 1 GB Files Through Facebook

Sending large files can be a bit tricky. You can always send an email attachment, but if your file is too large you’ll have to find another way. Cloud storage makes sharing possible, but do you really want to talk your grandmother through setting up a SkyDrive account just to send her a family photo album? A simpler option exists in the form of a Facebook app called PIPE.

PIPE makes data transfer up to 1GB as easy as you could ever imagine. Simply log in to Facebook and head over to the PIPE app. Have your recipient do the same and you’re ready to go. Select your file and drag it into the pipe on your screen. That’s all there is to it. The app then asks your recipient if they want to accept the transfer and allows them to save your files to their hard drive.

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PIPE makes sending large files easy.


Drop photos in your end of PIPE and they come out the other end.

Original Source – FreewareGenius – Send Large Files up to 1 Gig on Facebook with PIPE

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