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Unlock The Power Of Your Phone Using ChargeKey

Is your iPhone lacking extra juice?

The ChargeKey can fix that.

It has the power to charge your device discreetly, without the need to plugin your phone in a wall socket.

You can also sync your phone with iTunes using the gadget. It can fit inside small pockets, without bulking. You’ll never need another power bank ever again!

Taking on the size and shape of a car or house key, the device fits nicely with other pieces on a keychain. The lightweight cable is designed for a rough urban or outdoor lifestyle. It can bend while charging and stay connected to your phone while hanging off your crowded desk.

The ChargeKey is compatible with other Apple gadgets such as the iPad and iPad Mini. If you’re a student who never likes to stay indoors, this device is for you.

ChargeKey For iPhone 5/5s/5c by NOMAD | The Gadget Flow

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