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Train Your Dog to Clean Up After Itself With This Clever Toy Box

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Train Your Dog to Clean Up After Itself With This Clever Toy Box

If you have a spoiled dog with a lot of toys, then you’re probably used to seeing dog toys all over your house. I have a Maltese dog who loves to drag out the majority of his toys, and then nonchalantly leaves them all over the floor once he’s done playing. My husband and I often joke that it would be cool if he knew how to put them all back into his toy box. Well, now that dream can actually become a reality, thanks to the Tidy Dog toy box.

Tidy Dog is a modern, battery operated toy box that rewards your dog whenever it put a toy into the bin. You can add things your dog loves, like kibble or treats, to come out of the side chute. With the smart sensor technology, your dog won’t be able to trick the bin into dispensing treats. Just see for yourself in the short demonstration video below.

While Tidy Dog is indeed clever, I wonder if it is really effective in teaching your dog to clean up after itself. For dogs who don’t catch on as quickly, it could take weeks or months for them to figure out just how to get those tasty treats. However, it seems promising and worth a try. Do you think Tidy Dog is a keeper?

Tidy Dog | Kickstarter

Featured photo credit: The Tidy Dog via kickstarter.com

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