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This Is The Only Wallet You Can Trust Your Life With

Written by Michael Cheng
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Are your personal belongings safe in your wallet? If you live an active lifestyle, a flimsy, leather wallet isn’t enough.

You need something sturdy and compact — something that can give you extra space in your pocket or bag. If your current wallet is holding you back, try the Billetus Carbon Fiber Billet Wallet.


    The wallet is designed to be used everyday, along with other daily accessories such as keys, utility knives, and flashlights. Even with cards and bills, the Carbon Fiber Billet Wallet is as thin as an iPhone 4s. At the moment, there are 2 designs for the carrier. The dimensions for each include the following:


      As you can see, there’s plenty of space for an average day’s worth of cash and cards. You won’t be spending too much time trying to pull stuff out. The wallet was designed for both convenience and comfort.


        Billetus – Carbon Fiber Billet Wallet | Kickstarter

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