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This Robot Will Carry All Your Stuff Everywhere

If you are influenced by movies like ‘The Matrix’, you probably wouldn’t like the idea of robots around us. Rest assured, though. There are no emotions planted in this robot. It’s only designed to help you with carrying your bulky stuff without complaining.


Budgee™is a cute, friendly robot that can carry up to 50 lbs. He will follow you where you go and happily carry your stuff. Five Elements Robotics™ has developed Budgee™ to help with common everyday tasks. Budgee™ likes to carry items for you to help relieve your burden. And Budgee™ likes to follow you wherever you may go.

budgee 2

There currently is a security feature in which Budgee™ lets you know if he gets out of range of the sensor.  He communicates this to you through the application on your smart phone or tablet.  This also prevents people from making off with your Budgee™!

Source – Budgee™

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