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This internet connected device is one big red button you’re actually allowed to push!

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This internet connected device is one big red button you’re actually allowed to push!

You know those big red buttons you always see in movies that are usually labeled, “do not push!” Well, this is not one of those buttons. This is a button that you can and should push because when you do, magic happens.

It’s a simple concept, but it’s also one of the most creative gadgets I’ve seen this year. Basically, the ‘bttn’ uses the cloud to communicate with various Internet services and can be linked with them to help you get things done. Meaning, you can link it to things like Facebook, Twitter, email, SMS and even super cool Web automation services like IFTTT and Zapier.

Imagine being able to push a single button to send an email or SMS message to a family member, letting them know that you got home safely. On the flip side, imagine being able to push a button to let your friends on Facebook or Twitter know that there’s an emergency and you’re in trouble.

Meet the bttn – The simplest internet connected interface in the world!

    When you think about all the services supported and what can be done through each one, the possibilities are practically endless. If you want to be able to do more than one thing with the push of a button, then you can just buy more bttns. Easy right? What would you want your button to do?

    The simplest user interface in the world | The bttn

    Featured photo credit: The bttn via bt.tn

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