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The World's Smartest Bike Is Here, Comes With A USB Port And Anti-Theft System

Your bike is lacking features that support your daily life.

What you need is the Gi Bike. This personal transportation alternative takes bike riding to a whole new level.

It has a ton of digital features including a USB port, smartphone integration and battery port. Now you can charge your device on the way to work or on the way home.

The bike also has useful safety features to keep your mind at ease during busy times of the day. Safety and rear lights are built-in the bike, allowing you to ride at night. There is also an anti-lock system that is suitable for riders in the city.

I recommend this product for individuals who ride their bike to work everyday. Its powerful components has what it takes to sustain one’s digital lifestyle.

What do you think about the Gi Bike? Let us know what you think.

Gi Bike: The light, full-size, electric, folding bike | Kickstarter

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