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The Smartest Parking App Let's You Find Your Car From Anywhere

Finding your car after a long night out can be very exhausting.

If you’re unfamiliar with the area you’re in, it can be troubling to walk around in circles for hours at a time. Furthermore, most people who lose their car in the parking lot are usually running late, which adds insult to the already embarrassing fact that you didn’t remember where you car was.

The iParked app can help you avoid those situations.



The extremely simple app is designed to help you find your car in compromising situations. Using GPS and landmarks, you can easily walk directly to your car without help from other people.

In case you do need your friends’ help, you can send a message directly from the app.

I recommend iParked for everyone, even for those who have a really sharp memory. It’s convenient and can save you loads of time.

iParked on the App Store on iTunes | iTunes App Store

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