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The Modern Jukebox Is Here, Comes With Cloud Functionality

Bring your own jukebox anywhere there’s a WiFi signal.

Does this idea sound too good to be true?

Gramofon makes it possible using the latest technology in wireless connection and music. The modern day jukebox uses cloud services to get past problems that bluetooth devices are hindered by.

No more choppy signals when your phone or laptop isn’t within close proximity of the bluetooth speaker. The Gramofon can be in a different part of a home and can also be used to boost weak WiFi signal.

Forget about annoying interruptions everytime a text message comes in. The sleek jukebox is unfazed by random phone notifications.

If you rely on Spotify or WahWah radio for your music fix, the Gramofon has the potential to be your new bestfriend. Lastly, the musical device is meant to be shared, allowing more than one person to connect to the jukebox simultaneously.

Gramofon: Modern Cloud Jukebox | Kickstarter

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