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What If Your Phone's Out Of Battery While Hiking? Charge Your Phone While You Walk With This Pack

One of the biggest modern woes about camping and hiking just got resolved. Before Go Kin Packs, finding a way to charge your phone, GPS system, or camera was difficult at best. A Go Kin Pack takes the energy you exert from walking and uses it to charge your USB connectable devices. The charging system fits at the bottom of your backpack with two cords that fit through holes in the bottom of the pack. The two cords then attach to tabs on your shoes or the ankle bracelet provided by Go Kin. The movement of the cords is what allows the system to generate charging power for your devices.

According to the video, two minutes of walking should generate enough energy for 10-15 minutes of phone time. They’ve also added the option of solar panels, so now your phone can charge even while you’re resting.

Learn more from the video below.

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