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Teaching Your Dog New Tricks? Forget The Trainer, Start Using The Computer

The old way for dogs to learn new tricks was to take them to a trainer and have the professional teach you the commands. This method can be costly, time consuming and lonely.

Using the Dogsense Online program, pet owners can teach their dog commands and tricks without the presence of a trainer. The program itself is quite impressive. First, it features an online community of pet owners and professionals who can provide information on complex training procedures and tips.


Next, the program uses tools that can help an individual engage his or her dog through video tutorials. Each clip is backed up with extensive research on the training method being used.



The entire process is highly recommended for all pet owners. Apart from learning new tricks, the virtual program can also bring you closer to your beloved dog by sharing the training experience together.

Bringing Dog Training to The Virtual Age! | Kickstarter

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