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Take Your 3D Printing Skills To The Next Level With MOD-t


There are numerous 3D-printers out in the market today, but none compares to the MOD-t.

I’ve had a chance to review other 3D-printers and so far the MOD-t is one of the most complete system out there. The 3D printer itself is robust and can handle almost anything you throw at it. It’s compact, which means it won’t be able to handle large industrialized projects, but it can do some serious work on detailed ornaments, intricate print outs and realistic statues.

The app integrates well with the hardware. You can send customized photos and drawings instantly, without hesitation. Perhaps what sets the MOD-t experience apart from its competitors is the community.

The creators of the product is currently putting up an online store for users to purchase designs and sell their own. This 3D printing community can catapult a novice user’s skills without spending countless hours in front of the computer.


New Matter MOD-t: a 3D printer for everyone | Indiegogo

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