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Take Stealthy Photos with the Stock iPhone Camera and iOS 7

Have you ever wanted to snap a photograph or take a video with your iPhone camera but didn’t want anyone to know you did? Maybe at a museum or a show. There are a few apps you could download that would make that possible, but for iOS 7 users, there are no third-party apps necessary. With a little trick, as described below by YouTube user OfficialSoftModder, you can do this with your stock iPhone camera.

Simply open the iPhone camera, or any other camera app you use, and double tap the home button to enter multitask mode. Swipe over so you can’t see your camera and press the up arrow to snap pictures. Make sure to mute the phone before you start so the shutter sound doesn’t play. If done right, you’ll be able to snap all the photos you want and no one looking at your phone will know what you’re up to. Of course without the view finder you aren’t likely to snap the best pictures you’ve ever taken, but with enough practice you’ll get the hang of shooting blind.

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Original Source – YouTube – Take Secret Photos & Videos Using the Stock Camera App – iOS 7 – iPhone 5

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