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Survive A Plane Crash: Move To The Back

You could always justify your crappy seat in the back of a plane trip by telling yourself that in the event of an air crash, you’d be more likely to survive than those in first class.

Well, it’s actually true.

Popular Mechanics have gone and studied every American plane crash since 1971 and found that the survival rate for backseat flyers is higher than those in comfort.

In 11 of the 20 crashes, rear passengers clearly fared better. Only five accidents favored those sitting forward. Three were tossups, with no particular pattern of survival. In one case, seat positions could not be determined.

Survive A Plane Crash: Move To The Back

Should the airlines rethink their marketing for economy class? “Fly cheap, fly safe”?

Safest Seat on a Plane: PM Investigates How to Survive a Crash
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