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Sticky Jots - Design an App on Paper

Ever hear of paper prototyping?

If you’re a coder or designer, there’s a good chance that you have. Otherwise, you might not be as familiar.

It’s when designers map their digital product, like an app, out on paper.


Get it now?

Either way, whether you’re a first time app maker or veteran app enthusiast, Sticky Jots make the prototyping process a breeze.

With a sticky pad and a clipboard modeled after a phone and tablet, these prototyping kits help designers see the big picture. Thinking systematically, you can sketch, switch, and swap scenarios on paper without any huge setbacks. And, because the pads and clipboards are scaled to a device’s screen size, you can get a feel for the user experience.

Not a techie? Not a problem.


The Storyboard Stickies are made for filmmakers, writers and storytellers looking to get their thoughts on paper while crafting the trajectory of their story. It’s like an outline for the right-brained that can be manipulated by simply switching stickies or pitching unwanted scenes.

Sticky Jots | Swiss-Miss

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