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Speed Up Chrome With Too Many Tabs

I recently made the switch from Firefox to Chrome and while I really like most of the changes between the two browsers, one thing does bother me. I am a big fan of opening tons of tabs so I can read and post them as I go. This is a pretty common blogger habit, but while Firefox prioritizes the tab you are currently using and often won’t load tabs until you actually visit them, Chrome tends to open all tabs and keep them active, even if you have way too many tabs open.

While there’s no solution to make Chrome act just like Firefox in this regard, the Too Many Tabs extension provides an adequate solution by letting you suspend the tabs you aren’t currently using so you can quickly access them as you go.

If you ever find yourself wishing Chrome would speed up despite the fact that you know you have too many tabs open, then you can’t afford not to install Too Many Tabs.

Download Too Many Tabs

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