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SimilarWeb: Discover How Much Others Are making Online

Sometimes we wish we could know what our competitors have been up to. How much are they earning? Are they getting more traffic than our websites? There are thousands of similar questions swirling around our mind. Wouldn’t it be easy if we could easily discover it by a single click? This is where ‘SimilarWeb’ comes in handy!

Similarweb helps you find traffic and site ranking information with just one click. It can help you find out critical information about your rivals. Information like traffic sources, daily traffic and estimated earnings of the website will be on your fingertips.

Furthermore, you can also use this extension to find similar websites just like your favorite one. For instance, if you like Reddit, you can use this extension to find out other similar websites with same functions.

Overall, it’s an extension you’d love if you like to keep yourself up with your competitor’s financial situation. You can also use it if you like to browse different websites and are always keen on finding new sources.

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