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A Shocking Story: The Social Media Generation

Are you part of the social media generation? If you are, you might not realize it but Twitter and Facebook are your techno-parents. They are sating the child in you. At least that’s how Marc Maron views this generation.

I know it’s hard to admit it, however, if we try to be honest with ourselves, a realization will naturally emerge — we are a generation of ‘Facebook likes and Twitter Retweets addicts’. Do you agree?

We are always hungry for approval, thirsty for recognition, and needy for validation. The real question is — can we satisfy these core needs just by getting numerous ‘likes’ or ‘Retweets’?

It takes just a few minutes to watch the Zenpencils animated video by Kevin Macleod / Animation by Jess the Dragoon / Voices: Tamtu Bui (Narration) Amber Lee Connors (Tantrum kid) / Music: Ghost Story. This is an adaption of the Original Comics by Marc Maron.

Check if you have become like the character Marc…


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