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Running Out Of Space On Your Computer? This Hard Drive Lets You Stack Additional Memory

Cloud storage has changed the way we transfer and share files, but the problem that most people have about the new technology is security.

Most people aren’t comfortable with the idea of uploading their personal photos and confidential documents to a server halfway across the world. Furthermore, there are some limitations with cloud, especially for those with slow connection speeds.

Now there’s a new way to have all the great elements of a cloud server at your fingertips. Using the EzeeCube, individuals can store information, sync gadgets and stream content with “eaze.”


The best part about the EzeeCube is it’s simplicity. If you’d like more space, all you have to do is stack another piece on top of the main component. Furthermore, it comes with an app for easy setup and file transfers.


This product is highly recommended for its secure and robust features, which is capable of handling an entire household of personal content.

EzeeCube : Stackable media center to store and manage all your content | Indiegogo

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