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Report Fake PayPal Emails & Sites To PayPal

Report Fake PayPal Emails & Sites To PayPal

As a user of PayPal you would receive a bit of fake-PayPal spam and spoof sites. Most of the time you’ll delete, ignore and take measures so to not get any more. However, it’s a nice idea to give PayPal a heads up so they can do something about it too.

Simply forward all fake paypal emails to and then delete them. Such emails usually have lots of spelling mistakes, with masked links where the url text is different from the fraud sites they lead to, and ask you for your passwords in an attempt for identity theft. It takes a few seconds more, but it will help stop fraud.

Report Fake Phishing Paypal Emails and Spoof Sites to Paypal – [QuickOnlineTips]

Also PayPal provides some good information on recognizing fake PayPal emails and websites.

Phishing Guide – [PayPal]

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