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Power Up Your Digitial Devices Wirelessly Using The Qhartz Pad


Are you still messing with tangled cords when charging your digital devices?

You don’t have to with the Qhartz charger. The small pad can add juice back into your mobile device, without the use of cords. The wireless charger also pumps power back into your gadgets 2 times faster. Now that’s impressive!

Today’s powerbanks all require one thing that people are trying to avoid, cords. They are prone to getting ripped, tripped on and eventually become the reason you need to get a new charger over time.

Qhartz allows you to charge more than one digital device simultaneously. That means no more waiting in line to use the only outlet in the room. I recommend this product for individuals who rely on their gadgets on a regular basis.

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QHARTZ- Elegant, Thin & Portable Wireless ,Charges 2X Faster | Kickstarter

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