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How to Play Movies by Rigging Up a Wireless Smart TV

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Have you ever wanted to stream all the movies you have on your PC through to your TV wirelessly? Or to connect your iPhone to your HDTV?  I have a lot of media on my computer, but the screen is not ideal for the whole family to watch. If you’re using a laptop, it’s not feasible to have a bunch of people sitting around watching either, but if you have a regular TV, there is an easy way to stream the videos you have from your computer to your TV.

What you need is a DLNA.

What is DLNA?

DLNA stands for Digital Living Network Alliance, which is basically a standardized way for digital devices to send music, videos and photos between one another. It doesn’t matter where your media is stored—if you have a device that supports DLNA, it should be able to send your media between devices.

Which devices support DLNA?

PCs and most smartphones support it: if it’s not there by default you can install it. For example, on iPhone you can install Smartstor Fusion or Media:Connect amongst others, and many Android devices support DLNA. Some Nokia Phones do too.

How to Connect Your TV

You’re going to need a wireless home network; if you don’t have a wifi network in your home, it’s not going to work. If your TV isn’t wireless, you’re going to need something to connect to it as well, such as a Blu-Ray Player, XBox, or Playstation 3. To stream your media, you should install Serviio onto your Computer (Windows, Mac and Linux all supported)—don’t worry, Serviio is free.

After that’s done, start up Serviio and select the videos, photos, or music files you want to share. Your XBox or Playstation 3 should be able to detect your Serviio service and you can then start streaming to your TV.

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If your TV is wireless, or already a Smart TV, you don’t need anything else—simply start up your TV and search for your Serviio Service.

I don’t have a console

An alternative hack, that only works if you or a friend has a HTC Android device, is to buy the HTC Media Link HD . Connect that to your TV’s HDMI port, and use the HTC device to setup the Media Link. Once that’s done, you can connect to it using Serviio or another DLNA media server. The main problem with this hack is that the HTC Media Link needs to be configured by a HTC Android device before you can connect anything to it.

Step-by-step instructions

1. Make sure you have a home wifi network set up.

2. If your TV is not wireless, connect an XBox, Playstation 3, or Blu-Ray Player or other device that supports wifi.

3. Install Serviio onto your computer, or install a DLNA server onto your phone (if you wish to stream movies, images & video from your phone) and set up which files/folders you want your TV to access.

4. Detect and connect your DLNA server on your Xbox, PS3 or other device that is connected to your TV.

5. Watch your videos in comfort as they stream into your TV.

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