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No Numbers Or Hands, But It Tells Time

Once upon a time, watches had hands that spun slowly across their faces, much like a portable sun dial. Few watches these days feature hands, as digital technology replaced the hands with numbers on their faces.

Then Lifehack brought you the faceless watch – no hands, no face, just numbers embedded right into the wristband.

Today we find the face again but lose the digital numbers.  The Zero wristwatch by Robert Dabi of Yanko Design has no hands and no numbers, but still tells time.  Instead, it features two discs that spin into position, one to where the hour numbers would normally be, and the other to the position where the minute hand would point.

Zero watch with no numbers and no hands

It might take a little getting used to, but the reading the watch is easy to do, as shown in the image above.  Watch this video for more about the styling of the watches:


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