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Now You Can Take Pictures In Odd Angles Using Spy Cam Peek- I

Taking pictures in compromising angles is extremely difficult.

If you’re tired of tilting your phone in weird directions, which is how most people end up dropping their mobile device, you need the Spy Cam Peek-I.

Don’t let the name fool you, there are plenty of things you can do with this tool apart from spying on people (not recommended). If you’re into taking pictures of animals, the gadget can help preserve the shot by taking it at a non-intrusive angle. The same goes for parents who are fond of taking pictures of their babies.

The Spy Cam Peek-I is easy to use. It clips on your smartphone without the need for adhesive material. Like a periscope, all you have to do is spin the tool to take pictures without other people noticing.

What would you take pictures of if you had the Spy Cam Peek-I attached to your mobile device?

Spy Cam Peek-I | Indiegogo

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