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New: Google's My Maps

No longer do we have to rely on those nice mashups; Google have added the My Maps feature to Google Maps. Now you can customize your very own map with your own placemarks and directions to share or keep as reference.

Simply go to and you will find a My Maps tab next to Search Results. Here you can create a new map and begin plotting.

Google’s My Maps

Adding and altering placemarks is a breeze. Plus there is a wide range of ‘pins’ to choose from. If you want to plot all your favorite eating spots, choose the knife and fork icon and not confuse these with your other placemarks.

Google’s My Maps

Also built into each placemark’s editing options is a rich text editor, enabling you to format the information in any way you see fit, including adding pictures.

What’s more is if you search for a place and find it’s already in Google’s system, there is an option to just ‘Add to My Maps’ to save you the time.

Create lines and shapes to plan trips or give directions.

Google’s My Maps

Linking to the map, exporting to Google Earth or just printing is easy. Think about the ways you could use My Maps and head on over. Create your own map of your favorite music shops or where you went on your trip interstate, plotted with photos and notes.

“People are really excited about their hobbies and the thing is, even if we threw all of Google’s resources at this problem, we would never be able to create the same depth and breadth and quality of map data that the millions of knowledgeable users out there combined could create,” Google Maps product manager Jessica Lee told

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