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Neurio: Make You Home Appliances Better And Smarter

Have you ever wished that if you forget to switch off the light, the light could itself tell you to switch it off? Something like this can only exist in thoughts, right? Well, it turns out someone was already working on something like this! It’s actually possible now!

Now you can make all your home appliances and devices smarter by instilling some sense into them. You won’t have to remember when to wash your clothes or when to shut down your PC. Neurio makes all your devices and appliances way smarter. They will remind you to do tasks when you have forgotten it.

Initially funded on Kickstarter it went on to become quite revolutionary and popular among masses. If you were not among the 1967 backers who backed this product, you can still order it via their official page.

Head on to Kickstarter or the official page to know more about it or order this product. It’s well worth your time and money!

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