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Need an App For That? Try iGenApps!

Having trouble finding an app that gives you what you need? Do you want to create an app but are not sure where to begin? Try iGenApps! IGenApps is a mobile application building service that lets you build a smartphone app, right on your smartphone. Best of all, it has a simple and easy to use interface and no programming is required.

When you download iGenApps, it immediately begins to walk you through the process of building your application for iOs, Android, Windows 8 and Google Chrome. After the brief tutorial, you can create application you want whether it is for personal or business needs. Watch the video below to see more about iGenApps.

Three innovative ways to use iGenApps:

1.) Presentations: This was the first time I learned about iGenApps was during a large presentation. The presenter asked us, if we had a smartphone or tablet, to download the application he designed. On the application was all of his presentation materials. It had links to PDF files, power point presentations, videos and his contact information. In awe by this innovative presentation format, I asked how he did it, and he told me, iGenApps. Not only was this an organized method of presenting, but it kept the audience interested.

2.) Teaching: I use iGenApps for teaching. I create my applications to surround the subject I am teaching, I upload my lessons (power point presentations), homework assignments (PDF files), support videos and my contact information, so students can e-mail me right from the app. I have also had my students build their own app as a project, and then I would have the class test their app. There possibilities are endless in the field of education.

3.) Organizations: From professional organizations to clubs, organizations can now

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