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No More Woof Can Translate Your Dog’s Thoughts into English

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No More Woof Can Translate Your Dog’s Thoughts into English

Have you ever wished that your dog could talk to you, or that you could at least know what they’re thinking? As a dog owner myself, I can’t even count the amount of times I’ve scratched my head wondering why my dog was barking or whimpering for what seemed like no reason. Apparently, I’m not alone in wanting to know these things, since the No More Woof crowdfunded project on Indiegogo is now well over it’s goal.

No More Woof, is a new device that aims to translate your dog’s thoughts into English. Created by The Nordic Society for Invention and Discovery, the brains behind other amazing products such as the iRock and the Fly Lamp, the device is still a work in progress.


As you’ll see in the video, No More Woof is an all-in-one computerized headset and collar for your dog that can recognize certain thought patterns. Check out the 0:39 mark to see what I mean. Can you guess what kind of technology is used in the collar to help read your dog’s thought? Here’s a hint, the name sounds like a dessert.

If you’re as curious as I am about this project, be sure to help support it. You can do this by contributing as little as $5 or by sharing with others.

No More Woof | Indiegogo


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