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Look Back On Social Media Throughout 2013

“What a wild year it’s been. You could say that 2013 was the year of social media and you’d be correct. What was once a novelty for people bored and surfing on the ‘net has risen to be an industry in and of itself that companies large and small have embraced around the world as a powerful cornerstone of their marketing initiatives.”
David Eaves, Infographic Promotion

Ah, social media. It’s become so entwined with our lives that it’s sometimes difficult to define the line between real life and virtual life. Infographic Promotion has collected all the most popular social media sites and updates of 2013, and listed them all for us to reminisce over. Did you know the first Harlem Shake video was posted back in February? I certainly didn’t, as I feel like those videos had been around since the dawn of time.

Instagram video rolled around in June, resulting in Vine sharing dropping a massive 40% and in October ‘selfie’ was named the Oxford Dictionary’s word of the year. What do you think social media has in store for 2014?


The State of Social Media in 2013 | Infographic Promotion

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