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Introducing the PulseWallet: Now You Can Pay With Your Blood

Wouldn’t it be amazing if no one else could use your credit card except you even if they have stolen or robbed it? What if there could be something that could directly connect the whole payment system with our blood? Sounds so outlandish, right?

But it’s a reality now! PulseWallet has turned this concept into a reality by allowing you to be able to pay without credit cards. Your veins are enough to process the payment.

In other words, you are your own wallet and no one can steal or rob it from you. Here is the whole process of how you can start paying with your palms:

• One time registration at any PulseWallet terminal.

• Swipe your credit card for the purchase.

• Scan your hand for future cardless payments.

• That’s it. You’re DONE!

To know more about it, head on over to the official page where developers are prepping to release this app on Android and iOS devices.

Official Site | PulseWallet

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