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Instagram Has Launched Its Photo Collage App, “Layout”

Written by Elise Moreau
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Combining multiple photos into one as a collage has been a big trend on Instagram for a while now, so it only makes sense that the popular photo sharing app would launch its very own tool that allows you to do just that. Layout is not a built-in Instagram feature, but a standalone app you’ll have to download separately from the official Instagram app.

The app has an intuitive main tab that lets you get straight to business. Either:

  • Choose existing photos from your device to include in your collage
  • Snap a shot through its convenient Photo Booth feature (something most third-party collage apps don’t offer)
  • Instantly preview what your collage will look like in up to 10 different collage templates

The scrolling layout feature, with immediate previews of all sorts of different collage styles isn’t something we’ve seen in other similar apps, making it an obvious top app choice.

Screen Shot 2015-03-25 at 3.27.23 PM

    While other collage apps might make you pay for a premium version to unlock additional formats, Layout lets you include up to nine photos in your collage – all for free. The filter options allowing you to view your existing photos via “All,” “Faces,” and “Recents” is a nice bonus.

    Once you’ve added all the photos you want into your collage and found a layout that you like, you can tap to edit it further:

    • Use your finger to drag any of the photos around to reposition
    • Use a two-finger pinching gesture to zoom in or out on any photo
    • Tap “Replace” if you’d like to replace one of the photos with a different one
    • Tap “Mirror” or “Flip” to change the orientation of a photo


      When you’re happy with how it looks, hit “Save” and then share it to Facebook or Instagram. Saving it will automatically copy it to your camera roll or photo folder on your device.

      Instagram Has Launched Its Photo Collage App, “Layout”

        Overall, Layout is worth switching to if you’re bored or unimpressed with other third-party collage apps you may have already used. It would be great if the app could feature higher resolution photos – a problem many people have long complained about with regards to Instagram’s main app as well.

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        Layout is available for free on iOS devices from the iTunes App Store and it’ll soon be on on its way to the Google Play Store for Android devices.

        Featured photo credit: A man using smartphone while reading via getrefe.com

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