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If You Lost All Your Work...

If you’re a freelancer or run your own business, it is important to know how well you would cope after something like a computer crash where all your work is lost.

If your income relies on you having work, then when you lose everything you need to know how well you can get back into gear.

Dave Navarro [of FreelanceFolder] runs through three steps that you’ll need to have a plan for in case something goes horribly wrong.

There are three things that slow you down when it comes to getting back in business after an unrecoverable computer crash (or the dreaded laptop theft):

  • 1. Replacing the computer
  • 2. Setting up all your software and settings (again!)
  • 3. Getting your data back on the machine
  • How Fast Can You Get Back To Doing Business? – [FreelanceFolder]

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