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iCPooch: Video Chat with Your Pet and Delivery Treats from Anywhere

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iCPooch: Video Chat with Your Pet and Delivery Treats from Anywhere

Do you feel bad whenever you have to leave your dog home alone? Often, the feeling is mutual. Some dogs just do not like to be left home alone or away from their owners, and even suffer from K9 separation anxiety. This causes depression along with disruptive or destructive behaviors.

While it’s no fun leaving a beloved pet at home, if you can’t afford a dog sitter or doggy daycare, then you really have no other choice. For this reason Brooke Martin, a 14-year-old girl from Washington, developed iCPooch. This internet enabled device lets you video chat with your pet and delivery treats when you’re away from home. As you watch the video, you’re sure to be impressed at how fun and easy it is to stay virtually connected with your dog. Plus, as the push of a button, you can pop out a treat from the bottom of the device for them to enjoy.

iCPooch works with the addition of a smart phone or tablet and an app, which allows you to call and talk to them. If you think this is a useful product, be sure to share it with your friends and other pet owners.

iCPooch – Internet Pet Treat Delivery & Video Chat | Kickstarter

Featured photo credit: Bondgy, Inc. via kickstarter.com

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