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How to Track Hurricane Sandy on your iPhone or iPad

The hurricane has hit the east coast of the USA. You may want to track its progress live. If you have no access to TV, or just want the latest up to date information on how the hurricane is progressing there are a few apps that helps you do this. The app will still be useful afterwards in case of any other future weather threats in the future


According to reports, Hurricane Sandy has started to make its turn towards the United States. Though the hurricane is a Category 1 storm producing winds of 85 miles per hour and may not officially be a hurricane by the time it reaches the coast, its widespread effects will be the same either way.

So if you’re on the East Coast, and looking for apps to track Hurricane Sandy, then here’s a list of apps.

Hurricane ($2.99)

Hurricane HD for iPad($3.99)

Hurricane Express($0.99)

Hurricane Forecaster($0.99)

Hurricane Tracker($2.99)

Here’s a link to the article that describes each app in full – iphone apps to track hurricane sandy


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