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How to Collaborate Seamlessly with Two Macs

Communication between remote working individuals is always the largest stumbling block to success. While Skype and other video programs have made it easy, the collaborative software tool ScreenHero is going a step further.

screenhero demo
screenhero demo 2

With ScreenHero it is possible for multiple people to review a wide variety of different applications at the same time from different screens. Vastly improving productivity, the application can make your project workflow much more efficient. Although in the beta stage and only for Macs, using ScreenHero can be beneficial for some of the following tasks:

1. Computer programming – something as tedious as computer programming can require many revisions unless people can work together at the same time. ScreenHero can allow programmers to check on each other’s work simultaneously

2. Design production – if you are designing a website, a logo, or anything else, your client will have a different vision. Rather than trying to try many versions, why not set a time to use ScreenHero and work out the different versions at the same time?

3. Financial planning – like programming, numbers are tedious. Getting the most out of financial planning or accounting can require multiple sets of eyes at the same time to catch mistakes.

Download ScreenHero [Mac OS 10.6+ required]

ScreenHero [Official site]

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