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How to Cleanup Your Digital Organization System

Your computer is full of junk, and it’s not just your computer, it’s all the parts of your digital life. Your web browser will have bookmarks that you no longer use; maybe even bookmarked websites that no longer exist. You’ve probably got a computer desktop full of files that you no longer need and probably can’t even remember what some of those files were for. This doesn’t even include all the accounts that you may have created online for all those services that you no longer use, but still get email for.

This Lifehack Lesson will help you get your digital organization system in shape and cleanup all the mess that you’ve accumulated on your PC and online. It’s a Spring cleaning lesson for your computer. This lesson is free for the first 7 days, after which; to subscribe to the lesson will cost only $1.99. All other lessons will cost $1.99 too.

Here’s an excerpt from this lesson

When it comes to being organized in the modern world there is a lot more to it them just carrying a stylish day planner and making sure that you have all of your appointments in line for the week. There is a lot more information being thrown at all of us. Some of it is relevant and a lot of it is not. Does that mean that you are destined to either succumb to the digital overload or live your life in seclusion from technology? Of course not! Today, you are going to learn how to organize your digital life, and make your way from virtual clutter to a realistic and organized system that will help you for years to come.

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